Schengen Visa Assistance



What You Get:

  1. Visa Consultation Call: Before you start your visa application, I'll have a detailed chat with you. We'll talk about why you're traveling to figure out the right visa for your situation. We're here to answer any questions you might have.

  2. List of Required Documents: I'll give you a thorough checklist of all the papers you need for your visa application. This list saves you the hassle of searching for essential documents and makes sure you're well-prepared.

  3. Cover Letter & Invitation/Sponsorship Letter: Writing a strong cover letter and invitation or sponsorship letter can be challenging. Don't worry—I'm here to lend a hand. I'll draft personalized letters that reflect your unique story and background, ensuring they make a lasting impact.

  4. Flight Itinerary/Flight Reservation: We offer verifiable one-way, round-trip, and multi-city flight bookings for your visa applications.

  5. Detailed Day-to-Day Itinerary: Your itinerary isn't just a list; it's a document that shows your travel plans. It outlines the activities and places you plan to visit during your stay, providing important proof of your genuine travel intentions for embassy officials.

  6. Visa Application Form Fill-up / Online Application Assistance: I'll take care of filling out your visa application form to ensure we provide accurate and complete information.

  7. Visa Appointment Request: I'll help you get a visa appointment at the Visa Application Center, making it easier to submit your application.

  8. Final Preparation Assistance: Right before you submit your application, I'll help you organize your documents. I'll also give you valuable tips to prepare for your visa interview and the immigration process.

At Rudz Travel, I am committed to making your visa application process smooth and stress-free. My service package is designed to give you comprehensive support at every stage of your journey, from preparing your application to successfully getting your visa. 



Please be advised that NO ONE can guarantee the approval of a visa application. The Consulate or Embassy makes the decision, considering things like financial capability, ties to the home country, and document authenticity.

My job is to help and support you through the visa application process, to increase your chances of success. It's important to know that a thorough application, with all the right information and documents, showing you plan to follow visa rules, can make a good impression on the consuls making the decision.