Assistance for Family Reunification / Marriage Visa

Family reunification visas, also known as family sponsorship visas, are a type of visa that allows individuals to join family members who are already residing legally in another country. These visas are typically granted to spouses, children, parents, and sometimes other close relatives of citizens or permanent residents of the destination country. The purpose of family reunification visas is to enable families to live together and maintain close ties despite geographical separation.

I am pleased to announce that I am now providing assistance for family reunification visas.



What You Get:

  1. Visa Consultation Call: Before you start your visa application, I'll have a detailed chat with you. We'll talk about why you're traveling to figure out the right visa for your situation. I'm here to answer any questions you might have.

  2. List of Required Documents: I'll give you a thorough checklist of all the papers you need for your visa application. This list saves you the hassle of searching for essential documents and makes sure you're well-prepared.

  3. Cover Letter & Invitation/Sponsorship Letter: Writing a strong cover letter and invitation or sponsorship letter can be tough. I am here to help. I'll guide you through the process, making sure these documents look and sound right.

  4. Flight Itinerary/Reservation: We offer verifiable one-way, round-trip, and multi-city flight bookings for your visa applications.

  5. Visa Application Form Fill-up / Online Application Assistance: I'll guide you step by step in filling out your visa application form or navigating the online application process, making sure you provide accurate and complete information.

  6. Visa Appointment Request: I'll help you get a visa appointment at the Visa Application Center/Embassy, making it easier to submit your application.

  7. CFO Appointment Booking AssistanceI can help you schedule an appointment with the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO). The CFO certificate is necessary at the Philippine Bureau of Immigration (BI) during our flight.
  8. Final Preparation Assistance: Right before you submit your application, I'll help you organize your documents. I'll also give you valuable tips to prepare for your visa interview and the immigration process.

At Rudz Travel, I am committed to making your visa application process smooth and stress-free. My service package is designed to give you comprehensive support at every stage of your journey, from preparing your application to successfully getting your visa.